A show of insights into building resilience, focus and hope for patients in long term therapies. We are there when the medical results arrive to bring magic and hope. We are there during the long therapies to practice motor skills, memory and attention together. We are also there to fundraise, coach and train doctors and nurses to add some magic in the patients' lifes. And finally we are there to celebrate the healing and the winning of life!


Through our academically developed programmes we support people with a range of health conditions reframe their experience of undergoing a health condition, eliminate their anxiety and help them thrive.


Increase patients’ wellbeing by reframing the experience of undergoing a health condition (double reality perspective shift/ mindset). Developing tools to assess whether and to which level, each intervention has lightened up physical pain, addition etc. We use scales, such as subjective wellbeing, eudaimonic wellbeing, peace of mind, emotional stability and more. For each audience and case we first deliver a pilot study and refine the research objectives and deliverables prior to any application.


La vita e bella! Direct the attention towards creativity and wonder. Increase momentary wellbeing (entertainment – awe & wonder) [alleviate immediate suffering, create a parenthesis in suffering]. Educate to the science of wellbeing (increase skills & knowledge for self care in the long term). Empowerment to contribute & self-determination (foster greater autonomy and a capacity for relatedness to staff and care providers) [moving from being cared-for to care-for others]. Bolster their social circles (family, hospital staff)


We showcase how magic tricks can be ice-breakers for the doctor-patient relationship and how magic can be utilised during recovery periods to help patients regain lost motor skills, boost their confidence and keep them motivated to follow their therapy schedule. The tricks we teach can be easily performed using everyday items and they could further also be easily taught to patients and be incorporated in their healing program keeping them engaged and continuously motivated.


The use of everyday objects to create magic effects, combined with beautiful stories, gives hope and keeps the motivation and the spirits high. This educational project is a powerful tool put in the hands of carers to help their patients endure long therapies, practice motor skills and rehabilitate. Workshops are organized in hospitals, universities and community centres, supported by generous angel investors, sharing the same vision of unlocking carer's potential in accelerating patients' healing and improve their lives.



Your donations help fund and support our year-round work with Hospitals, Doctors, Charities and Organisations. Thank you for supporting our work!