Escaping from the old and creating a whole new way of thinking

I have been passionate with escapology, breaking one after the other the records of Harry Houdini and giving my mother a stroke every time I was hanging upside down from a burning rope and remaining handcuffed underwater. And while each Guinness World Record frame looked lovely on my lab wall, there was more in escapology than that. Escapology in magic is not about picking locks and mastering straightjacket manipulation, is it about breaking out of the ordinary to create extraordinary experience and escaping the standard ways and methods to launch ourselves to innovation! To become disruptive, innovative and “cross the chasm” we first need to think outside the box and have the same drive to change as if we were handcuffed underwater and were striving for air.

However, to create innovative ideas, products and methods, the problem is that data, information and value propositions are not enough. Some people will “believe it when they see it” but with magic people will “see it when they believe it”. To sell an idea to executives, buyers, users, consumers and any audience we have to help them escape the standard way of thinking and shift “what they think” into “how they are thinking about it”.