No, our events are open to everyone. Whatever is presented in our website can be attended by all who share a passion for knowledge and magic! Exclusive events and meetings as well as discounts are available for the Academy’s fellows and/or volunteers only. Find out more about becoming a fellow of the Academy or how to volunteer.
A journey down the rabbit hole of scientific exploration with the sparkles of magic amazing you along the way! Our events are highly interactive and encourage audience participation, so the atmosphere will be immersive. You are welcome to ask questions at the end of the event and make comments that would involve other audience members in the discussion as well. Some of our events are recorded are pictures are sometimes taken so you may be visible in the material. Should you have any concerns please don’t hesitate speaking to one of the team members on the day of the event, who will address them.
If audio-visual material is captured during an event we will share it with the guest list of the people that have booked online and for who we have their contact details. In our facebook page most albums of events are published so you are welcome to like, share, tag and comment. A selection of videos is published in our youtube channel. Exclusive videos, tutorials and podcasts are available only to fellows. Find out more about becoming a Fellow to gain access to information and events that you couldn’t physically attend.
You are welcome to take pictures after the event with the lecturers and/or performers. During the event we want you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere and get the most out of it, so no photography or filming is allowed. Our official photographers who cover the event will share on our facebook page their albums and you can tag, comment, share and like your favourite moments captured.
Once an event is fully booked, an online waiting list will open. In order to join the waiting list, follow the instructions on the individual event webpage. If places become available, they will be allocated to those on the waiting list in the order that people joined. If you are allocated a place from the waiting list you will be notified via email.
Transcripts for our public events are not available. However, articles derived from some Academy events are published in our blog.
Most events are family friendly so everyone passionate with science and magic between 5-95 years old can attend. Events specific to certain audiences only, always have the indication in the event description. If in doubt please contact us.
Depending on your event format, audience size, location and budget we will allocate the most suitable magical resources in terms of human capital and special effects to maximise the entertainment potential of your budget. Our rich collection of content, events and effects allows us to re-verse engineer the procedure of tailor designing the best magical insert for you, so we would love to hear more about what you wish to create for your event and we will surely make it magical together.
We offer a wide variety of formats of events from intimate one to one sessions to big arenas, from hands on workshops to special effects shows and from inspirational post dinner talks to immersive thematic parts. When we tailor design entertainment for you, our format allows us to be versatile and durations range from 15 minutes to 2 hours for a show and from 20 minutes to 2 days for corporate events and thematic experiences.
We deliver events around the globe so wherever your occasion is taking place we can amaze your audiences. Contact us to discuss about your event and what we can do for you.
The Academy’s communicators, scientists, educators and performers are available to unleash their fantascientific sparkles at your event. Please contact us to find out about hiring speakers or booking a lecture show for your venue or entertainment for your event. Kindly include details about your location, date, audience size, event format, theme and available budget and we will contact you with availability, content proposal and prices.
For ticketed events you can either book through our online booking system or via eventbrite. Alternatively you can write to us to issue an invoice
Yes, before booking online write to us the details that the invoice should be addressed to (company name, address, email). We will send you the invoice with the details for payment and once the payment is received, you will be emailed the registration confirmation and/or tickets.
Yes! We have trained illusionists who wished to add new tricks and methods in their performances, dancers who improved their choreographies with seemingly impossible elements, actors to build on their storytelling skills and create emotional journeys for their audiences! We have also worked with all kinds of people from the creative industry, from fashion designers to light architects and theater managers to choreographers. We love sharing the fascinating toolbox of the art of magic with inspired people and you could be next!
Yes, we can give tools, methods and techniques to educators with three main working aims: To convert difficult concepts from natural sciences and technology to fascinating explorations, to increase preparedness and to build a set of transferable skills through our CPD courses.
Successful conference participants receive a certificate, as well as the best performing holiday camp attendees!
Of course! We offer consulting on different levels, creative design, advisory, development, training and servicing. We have consulted media projects, museums, exhibitions and big shows. The spectrum of creative projects that we have experience in is wide and we would love to hear more about what your creative project is about to join magical forces!
Our Corporate events are centered around the skills training of our attendees and are tailor designed to match their needs and goals, as well as career level and focus. Our communication skills training includes presentation skills, team management, conflict resolution, verbal and non verbal communication skills and more. Contact our team to design the most engaging and educational communications skills course for your team
Yes, we have a great library of tools, a wide spectrum of illusions and magical elements and a rich pool of experts and scientists that enable us to customise lecture shows and performances with rich educational content and engaging delivery methods!
Yes! Our curators of the Doctors' Magic projects have a wonderful impact in the lives of patients in need and we are always welcoming new members to train with our team and enable them to become curators of a project that is very close to our hearts!
Yes! Magic is great for team building and to empower the members of your team or employees of your company create wow moments and share educational and inspiring memories together.
Yes, gift cards can be redeemed for any type of purchase through our website only, so you can choose any magic that pleases you, be in an experience or an item from our gift shop collection!
Yes! There are so many fascinating scientific concepts to present and so much magic to perform that we produce new shows on a monthly basis and we also design new shows on demand. What they share in common is the moments of amazement created and the fascinating emotional journeys that the audience gets engaged in!
Most events are family friendly so everyone passionate with science and magic between 5-95 years old can attend. Events specific to certain audiences only, always have the indication in the event description. If in doubt please contact us.
There is the famous code of conduct of illusionists - no secrets should be revealed! Our training courses, seminars, camps and talks empower our audiences to develop their own tricks and methods of performance!
For the great team of illusionists, scientists and creative individuals that build the Academy of Magic & Science, magic is about creating emotions! We believe emotional engagement can facilitate educational exploration as well as create moments of awe and wonder during shows and performances and this is what magic is all about!

Could you be an Academy of Magic & Science Volunteer?
We are looking for passionate, magical, talented and loyal people to join us.

As a volunteer you could:
• Help us engage our guests and magic & science enthusiasts during the shows, conferences, outreach activities and doctors’ magic events, helping us create an unforgettable experience and inspire them all!
• Gain valuable hands-on experience and skills throughout a variety of organisation, communication, science outreach and artistic roles working along the creators of the Academy and the Board of Advisors.
• Get involved in our unique lecture shows and workshops and join forces with us to make the magic of sciences accessible to a wider audience.
• Support our learning team to engage, encourage and inspire people in science.
The Volunteer Programme is open to anyone aged 18 and over—all you need is enthusiasm and a willingness to get stuck in. A science or illusion background is not essential; we will pass the magic to you! 
Write to us for specific enquiries and ideas, or join our email mailing list to learn first about fascinating, new volunteering opportunities.

It is possible to sponsor one of our events and feature your advertisement in our communication. Contact us for full information about sponsorship opportunities and collaboration specifications.
The use of everyday objects to create magic effects, combined with beautiful stories, gives hope and keeps the motivation and the spirits high. These dexterity training exercises are powerful tools put in the hands of carers to help their patients endure long therapies, practice motor skills and rehabilitate. Physiotherapists reported to us that one of their main problems was that patients didn’t have the drive and resilience to complete the protocols they were proposing. To address this we replaced the tedious exercises with magic tricks and by the time the patient would perform the trick to all the people around them, they had completed the therapist’s protocol, while at the same time feeling excited that they were offering happiness to those near them, performing something special that baffled others!
We started our work for the people fighting their addictions with those battling their drug addiction and helped them experience in practice the power of misdirection and how our brain can bend our understanding of reality. Our workshop and talk series: “Illusion of addiction” is crafted to empower those battling it and help their families empathise with their situation, by understanding the power of our brain to build illusions.
We have tailor designed workshops and training courses for doctors, clinical school students, volunteers, nurses, carers and patients as well as interventions and immersive activities for those at long term hospital stay.
To design and deliver our events and create impact where it is mostly needed, we rely on the donations of generous people and organisations who share our vision and mission and power one or more of our activities. There are several ways to be involved and we would be grateful if we could change the lives of more people in need with your help!