Join us in the whimsical city of Cambridge, and become part of the rich history of how science and magic have always intertwined to change the world. Our immersive residential courses further scientific investigation and understanding through the methods and techniques of record-breaking magicians. Learn from preeminent academics and become inspired by industry experts; in a way that will encourage you to think like Newton, Einstein, and Da Vinci.


The creative minds of the AMS in collaboration with leading researchers are developing creative activities and educational fantascientific training workshops to inspire the next generation of scientists in the most magical interactive way.

Magic & Science Summer Camp

Awe inspiring lectures shows, workshops and events to captivate and inspire students into magical journeys in sciences. This unique Magic and Science camp features renowned researchers and scientists of the Academy of Magic & Science, from the world leading University of Cambridge and world class illusionists that have performed in the biggest arenas. The finest of science and the most interesting of research in a fun packed immersive experience!



The world-renowned University of Cambridge produces exceptional talent and will encourage your students to stand on the shoulders of giants.


Only AMS teach scientific principles in a way that ignites curiosity and creativity – driving innovation and growing the next generation of Nobel Prize winners.


With a solid current of academic accomplishment, wrapped in mystical ancient buildings - the Cambridge Colleges provide the perfect setting for your experience.


Our sessions are structured around established theories and are powered by leading research developments from your chosen scientific disciplines.


Principles are presented using the awe-inspiring techniques found in magic, to captivate and encourage our students into creative scientific application.


“A wonderful educational projects run by very talented, creative and passionate people! The event I had pleasure to participate in was a truly enriching and eye-opening experience. I have learnt about new ideas and I can't wait to attend next events!”

Katarzyna Doniec

Psychologist - Social Epidemiology
“An immense professionalism and patience throughout the process! I cannot recommend your services highly enough. From thorough preparation and discussions to match our theme, to advising on how best to deploy performances, you contributed to a truly magical experience for everyone.”

Hannah Walsh

Darwin and St Edmund's Event Committee
“Practical, visual, brilliant themes and a captivating presentation throughout! An exceptional event for our students that also the teachers appreciated. We were amazed by the diversity of topics and the different approaches they had for our younger students.”

Pellegrino Iannelli

Head of School

Our tailor-made courses allow schools to design their ideal programme – we can provide a course matched specifically to the age, travel arrangements, creative and academic interests of your group – for whatever time of year suits you best. We dedicate ourselves to providing each group with an academically enriching and culturally immersive programme.

With a large network of experiences speakers from Cambridge and other top universities around the world, we will craft a challenging and inspiring intellectual experience for your group, in the subject areas of your choice. Whether you are interested in an intensive 1-day immersive experience, or you want a wide-ranging and eclectic 2-week programme, we will happily design the best for you.