Magic battling mitochondrial diseases – Global Awareness Week 2019

Mitochondria is the most magical organelle in the cell! It has the power to generate energy and light up our life! It is dynamic, moving around the cell and sparkling metabolites to other organelles! It has wisdom and memory of our ancestral anaerobiotic life!
However… when a misspelling occurs by itself or in the nuclear DNA genetic code, all of our body can turn the light off causing some sort of a mitochondrial disorder.

Diagnosis of mitochondrial diseases can be challenging because of the clinical and genetic heterogeneity. Patients can go through complex diagnostic texts, sometimes invasive such as the muscle biopsy. At the Mitocon 2019, in one of our interventions, we explained with a magical storytelling the importance of muscle biopsy to study the functionality of mitochondria. Patients had the opportunity to execute themselves an illustrious muscle biopsy to our magical assistant duck and explore the procedures that lead to the diagnosis, bringing hope in research for future!

In celebration of the Mitochondrial Disease Global Awareness Week 2019, the Academy of Magic and Science is supporting scientists, clinicians and patients, raising awareness on these complex series of mitochondrial disorders that have no definitive cure yet. With our Dr Magic magical-scientific intervention we aim to bring light in the life of our mitopatients! Light up in green for mito with us! #GMDAW2019 #LightUpForMito #Mitocononlus #mitoawareness #wamaze #dr.magic