Magically supporting patients with Rare Diseases #RAREsummit19

The Academy of Magic and Science is proud media partner of Camraredisease’s #RAREsummit19 a unique event bringing all stakeholders together to share best practice and celebrate.

RAREsummit19 is a 1 day summit focusing on patient-centricity in rare disease progress. What if we were able to share information with the power to revolutionise the current rare disease landscape? What if we could provide solutions to patients now, answering their pressing questions about their disease, care, and treatment? What if we could ensure that patients and advocates played an equal and vital role in the development of drugs, assistive technologies, and healthcare? Rare disease patients and their families are tired of waiting for answers and the slow pace of change. They want to be involved and share their lived experiences to help companies, researchers and healthcare professionals find answers and solutions. Hear from,  learn from and engage in cross-sector activities with a range of stakeholders: patients; patient advocacy groups; researchers; health care professionals and companies who are leading the way in pioneering partnerships to accelerate change.

How magic can support those fighting rare diseases? With our Doctors’ Magic initiative, we support people with a range of rare diseases and empower them to reframe their experience of undergoing a health condition, eliminate their anxiety and help them thrive.

Join the Cambridge Rare Disease Network at the Wellcome Genome Campus: a hub of life-changing science. We think it’s the perfect venue to make progress for rare diseases.