Lectures and inspirational speeches to create a highlight moment for your conference, employee masterclass, after-dinner educational experience, internal training and coaching, or in-house private seminar. Available to be presented with slides or in a TED talk format. Adjustable durations of 15-60 minutes, for audiences of 15 to 3000.

Gender E-quality

The image of man and woman and their role in the society have inspired literature, sculpture, painting and any creative inventions in a magical landscape where express the emotions of the human being. In their enchanted beauties, the key to build equality in the modern society. The workshop will challenge the current debate on genderequality” through illusions and misdirect our attention to the concept of gender “quality"!

Gender equality, modern society, women empowerment, gender perception, UN goals 2020

Framing & facilitating agreements

In this talk we approach the problems faced by agents when trying to reach an agreements and quick fire examples of the framing theory and successful or tricky effects of this cognitive bias. People react to a particular choice in different ways depending on how it is presented; e.g. as a loss or as a gain. What happens when in the face of an agreement we are provided with options within the context of only one of the two frames? Framing... a magical friend or a deceiving foe?
Agreements, Framing,Cognitive bias, Corporate, Negotiation, Conflict, Settlement

Negotiating through illusions

Through the decision-analytic approach to negotiations, through illusions and beyond biases, we can achieve the development of a better joining of forces between the behavioral decision theory findings and practitioners' mastered skills. In this seminar we examine the ways in which negotiators may deviate from rationality and which cognitive biases we need to be aware of to make clear decisions in a negotiation process. Individual biases, competitive biases, egocentrism, social relationships, motivated illusions and attributional processes in an interactive fast paced role play, smoke and mirrors aside!
Agreements, Negotiation, Cognitive bias, Corporate, Transparency Illusion, Bargaining, Ethics, Intuition, Negotiation training

The magic of words

Words are the magicians which we never notice. They can make us fall in love, change the world, declare war or bring peace, secure our dream university place or perfect job, make us laugh and cry, hope and despair, and so much more. But how often do we really use words well? Despite all they can do for us.
Persuasion, Arguments, Journalism, Style, Presentation

Conflict resolution

Is there a correct way to handle conflicts? Which are the magical spells that can positively affect efficient communication and good conflict management in the workplace and beyond? We offer this core training seminar to demonstrate how to handle conflicts efficiently when we can identify the sources of it without illusions, when we can look beyond the incident to perceive the bigger picture, when we request creative solutions that both disputants can support and when we can reach an agreement that safeguards the relationship over time. The most magical training and mediation process to the service of teams!
Agreements, Negotiation, Cognitive bias, Corporate, Conflict

Engineering miracles (STEM)

A magical parade through the greatest principles and inventions of science and engineering including: Structural engineering ideas (compression & tension, catenary curves and their solids of revolution) which covered planes, bridges and even King's chapel! Mathemagic and game theory. The mobius strip and some extensions. Spatial dimensions, leading briefly into the idea of 4D space!
STEM, Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Game theory, 4D

FUNDs under a magical light

Investment funds rediscovered under a magical light! Beyond the traditional definition of investment funds, there is another one, more magical as a F.U.N.D. would stand for "Fascinating Unexpected Net Dexterity". All the fuss about "dexterity" stands for the immense management skills involved in setting and running a fund, raising capital, navigating to seek opportunity and safer grounds as well as finely balancing between risks and yields. This interactive talk is here to add some transferable gems in that toolbox and with an entertaining way showcase where the illusions and deceptions are and how to easily spot and avoid them to safely sail in the world of fund management.
Investing, Funds, Management, Net Asset Value (NAV), Transferable skills

Illusions in economics

An interactive lecture show with an immersive dive into the inner workings of behavioural psychology and economics including decision making, addressing unconscious biases, expectation theory, illusions in management and negotiations with a magical twist!
Creativity, Lateral Thinking

Investing decisions

Earning, saving, inheriting, acquiring and then what? How do we decide where to put our wealth into and how to invest when so many options are available? What are the illusions in assessing risk, reading charts, trusting, investing and monitoring the evolution of the capital? Do we put the money where the magic is or can cold hard stats and graphs shape a clear image of what the future will bring? A fast paced talk show of what can predictions in illusionism teach us about predictions in the the world of investments!
Investments, Decision making, Statistics, Trust, Persuasion

Biases mastered

How the human brain is hardwired for perfectly good evolutionary reasons to use ‘System 1’ thinking (fast, intuitive, unconscious) in preference to ‘System 2’ (slow, cognitive, conscious), sometimes leading to biases and irrationality; Examples, in all aspects of our lives, including investment, of the 150+ biases and mental short cuts; What can we do about these biases? And equally importantly, how can we turn them to our advantage in our business and personal lives?
Cognitive bias, Intuitive thinking, Conscious, Unconscious, Brain function

History changers

A quick-fire talk on the creative giants that shaped the world we live in. How art inspired scientific development and secret insights into the magical sides of those that feature in textbooks and beyond!

Creativity, Lateral Thinking, Problem solving, Cognitive biases, Thinking fast, Scientists, Innovation

Brain Training

From role model building to identifying innovative solutions and from questioning what we see to creating perception preparedness, this seminar will discover the multiple possibilities and the hidden, admirable elements that make our minds magical! We will explore how we perceive and understand the world we live in while pulling mental aces!
Preparedness, Mental magic, Mind power, Perception


Can it be that the greatest illusionist of all times is our mind? Which unconscious biases govern the way we perceive the world and which toolbox can we build to master the power of our mind and misdirect its own mechanisms of misdirection? A fast paced interactive talk on the decision making map of our minds with examples and exercises to address the unwilling misdirection and turn it into a valuable skill!
Mental magic, Unconscious biases, Mentalism, Misdirection

Problem solving through magic

A talk geared toward those passionate about solving problems, especially when the solution can be found outside the box! Background information and various creative techniques to immerse in an interdisciplinary challenge to solve the impossible!

Creativity, Lateral Thinking, Problem solving, Cognitive biases, Thinking fast


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We love sharing our team’s knowledge to all audiences in an engaging and magical way. Whether you need a lecture at your corporate event about the power of illusion in marketing and commerce, or an inspirational speech for your students about how to become the next Nobel Prize winner – we would love to hear from you!