Experience an enchanting and spellbinding tour with the Academy of Magic and Science! Join us in learning about historical figures, famous scientific discoveries, and charming cultural quirks in a truly magical way. With educational presentations, enthralling storytelling and live magic along the way – it’s a journey like no other!

An incredible visual Magic tour!
Stroll through Cambridge with an illusionist.
Magical-History experience

About your hosts

Cambridge University researchers who are passionate about the hidden gems of Cambridge’s history! Discovering the magical side of the history changers is the best way to experience the core of Cambridge’s identity and culture. Your hosts will show you a spectacular part of the Cambridge bubble by opening a magical window in time and into the history of the breathtaking town.

What we’ll do

We will explore Cambridge through a magical tour, bending reality and time through unexpected stories and illusions. We will visit some of the best known monuments, colleges, churches, streets, iconic landmarks and we will also visit secret scenes and hidden spots that no other tour brings to light! Brace yourselves for plenty of surprises, as the tour has been designed by Alexis Arts, FISM champion of Magic, member of the Magic Circle and 7 Guinness World Records holder! Alexis developed artistic illusions inspired by the hidden history and unique quality of each place and now you can experience it all, through our magical tour of Cambridge!

Where we will be

We will start in front of Trinity College in the vibrant district in the historical centre of Cambridge and the tour will end at Parker’s Piece


You may wish to bring with you: umbrella, walking shoes, your inner child and a great curiosity for history and magic!




“A creative way to improve tourism in Cambridge”

George Pippas

Mayor of Cambridge
“Definitely the Best attraction in town! It was not just a magical tour, I learned how to see things from a different prospective”

Eva Lampraki

Plastic surgery nurse
“Spectacular! Great fun discovering all these amazing secret magical spots of the town and get to witness magic in our own hands. We loved the magic tour and wish it was never ending”

Adrian Waka

R&D electronics engineer

Your location, your date, your duration, your audience! Your intimate experience of the magical delights of Cambridge. Let us take you on a unforgettable spellbinding tour of the ancient city, and witness the quirks and curiosities that make Cambridge both enchanting and exciting!


Do you want to create a magical experience for your town, museum, organization or venue? We can create a customized tour bringing to life the highlights that you wish to present by adding magical effects and scientific anecdotal stories to create a unique experience for your audiences.